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In which countries can you make e- booking orders?

It is possible to reserve its products in some French stores.

Do you have to pay for the e- booking service?

This service is completely free and available for purchases of 10€ and more.
Below this amount it’s not possible to access the service.

Is there a maximum number of products that you can order on E- booking?

There are a few conditions to be able to take advantage of this service:

  • You must have less than 3 e- bookings in progress (i.e. not yet collected from the shop)
  • You must have less than 60 items e-reserved
  • You must have less than 300€ of purchases e-reserved


Is this service valid in all Tape à l’oeil shops?

E-booking is available only in the Tape à l’œil shops in France, Poland and Belgium.
A Tape à l’œil shop can reserve the right to suspend the service temporarily (mainly during a busy trading period) so that you will always be served in the shop, if it’s not possible to select from our website.

How can I follow the progress of my e-booking?

As soon as your e-booking is registered on the website, you will receive a confirmation email and your order tracking space will specify its status:

  • “Being prepared” on registration of the e-booking
  • “Shipped” when your e-booking is despatched from the warehouse to the chosen Tape à l’œil shop
  • “Available in shop” when your e-booking is received in the shop
  • “Received” when you collect your items
  • “Cancelled” if you do not come to pick up the package within 10 days of your e-booking being received at the shop


How many days does delivery take?

Tape à l’œil undertakes to deliver between 3 and 4 days (excluding holidays) from registration of the e-booking. (between 5 and 10 days during commercial operations)

How much time do I have to collect my package from the shop?

As soon as your e-booking is available in the shop, we will let you know by email.
When your goods are received in the shop, you will have 10 calendar days to come and pick them up.
If this period elapses, the e-booking expires and your items will no longer be available.

At what point do I have to pay for my items?

Payment is made on the day the goods are collected from the shop when you go through checkout.

How do you go about picking up the package at the shop?

As soon as your items are available in the shop, we let you know by email.
Once at the shop, go to our checkout area and the sales staff will advise you.

Can someone else pick up my goods from the shop for me?

Yes. Someone else can come and collect your items for you, provided that this person has the confirmation email (sent by email to the person who registered the e-booking on the website).
They must also pay for them instead of you in the shop.

Does e-booking allow me to take advantage of my Tape à l’oeil loyalty card?

Of course! Everything linked to the Tape à l’oeil loyalty programme (obtaining a loyalty card, accumulation of loyalty points, making use of loyalty benefits) will be dealt with directly in the shop on the day of collection when you go through checkout.

Are there items that aren’t eligible for e-booking?

No, all items available on our website are e-reservable.

Is it possible to make several e- bookings?

You cannot register more than 3 e- bookings at the same time.

How do you return items bought via e- booking?

You can return your items at any time to the various Tape à l’œil sales points.


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