At Tape à l’oeil, we give our jeans names
At Tape à l’oeil, we give our jeans names, so … there's no dilemma, Emma, once you’ve found THEperfect denimto suit your kid’stastes, style and bodyshape, all you need to know is the name! So, OK Joe, into the basket you go! One thing you should know: all our denim isLessWater. This means that 50% of water is saved in the finishing process!

leasuper skinny

LÉA super-skinny jeans are the best fitting of all! The super-stretch denim makes them super-comfortable and super-close-fitting. Fashion tip: give them a lift by teaming them with an oversize t-shirt, a pretty belt and a pair of boots.

Fashion tip :Play with contrasting shapes by associating them with baggy tops or long tunics.


The little brother of the Slim, but a closer fit. These jeans are figure-hugging from the thigh right down to the ankle. They come in stretch fabric to ensure comfort.

Fashion tip :Stretchy, so ultra-comfortable! LOUISE skinny jeans are slim from the thighs to the ankles, which flatters the figure. Fashion tip: Pair them with loose-fitting pieces to contrast with the slim fit.


Timeless and super-comfortable! VICTORIA slim jeans are narrow at the thighs and a little less so at the ankles. Their strong point? They suit everyone! They match EVERYTHING in the wardrobe, no need to even think about it.

Fashion tip :These Slim jeans go well with everything in your wardrobe. Give their shape a twist by wearing them with a slight turn-up at the ankle.


A wardrobe essential, a safe bet, always comfortable. MILA jeans are straight (like the I in Mila) from the waist to the ankles. Roll them up at the ankles depending on how you feel … and how stunning your socks are! Fashion tip: Pair them with a close-fitting top.

Fashion tip :Avoid loose, wide tops, prefer close-fitting ones. For ladies, these jeans go well with feminine tops for a well-balanced shape.


Super-vintage and super-trendy at the same time! EMMA mom jeans are THE piece to have in your wardrobe for putting together eye-catching looks! With a high waist and slightly wider at the hips, they emphasise the waist. Fashion tip: wear them with a fitted top.

Fashion tip :For a retro look, tuck your top into your jeans to play with the different shapes.


Treggings are jeans that fit snugly from the waist down to the ankles. No buttons or zips: the elasticated waistband is very practical and makes dressing easy. Very stretchy fabric for absolute comfort.

Fashion tip :Play with contrasting shapes by associating them with baggy tops or long tunics.

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