The coat

There's room for choice and quality in our 2021 Winter Coat Collection!

Parkas, padded jackets, blouson jackets, long coats... this winter, our coats come in soft and comfortable materials.
Priority is given to warmth with our sherpa or imitation fur linings and to style with our floral prints, colour blocks and seasonal colours.
Technical materials, water-repellent finishes and padding in recycled polyester fibres, quality is our priority!

Discover our collection of coats technical, practical, accessible and responsibly eco-friendly:


De buitenstof van onze jassen heeft zeer waterbestendige technische eigenschappen dankzij een duurzame waterafstotende afwerking. De druppels water zullen op het oppervlak parelen voordat ze stromen om absorptie door het weefsel te beperken. Onze jassen blijven zeer ademend en warm: ideaal om je Original Kids tegen de regen te beschermen.


To limit our environmental footprint, we use recycled polyester fibre padding. So the product retains the same insulating qualities as traditional padding, and is more environmentally friendly too.


Our coats have extremely good thermal insulation thanks to the wool or their padding made of recycled polyester fibres which guarantee warmth and comfort. And to make them even warmer, our coats are lined with soft, warm fabrics: fleece, faux fur or sherpa: you have a choice!


Finally, we also thought of you parents: all our coats are machine washable! For easy maintenance, you can remove the faux fur trimming that edges the hoods. And to keep your TAO coat properly plumped up and fluffy, we recommend that you dry it in a tumble dryer with some tennis balls!

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