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Notre collection printemps est arrivée !

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Our boss tells us that all the time :)
We needed invention and lots of imagination when we realised that we would have to stay in Lille to shoot our Spring 2021 collection (full of pretty lightweight dresses, bermuda shorts, and ... swimwear!). We have nothing against Lille, quite the contrary but... it was February and it was 7°.
Extraordinary conditions, extraordinary constraints, an extraordinary photo shoot!
We brought together not one, not two, but four kids whose faces you will probably recognise. Ambre, Leny, Esteban and Laura (can you remember where you met them before? :) )

Le Jardin des Plantes, Lille

Off to the Jardin des Plantes in Lille. It may have been 7° outside, but inside it was as if Martinique had come to us. Honestly... It's not a bad life, is it?

Let’s start with our spring looks and their new shapes, materials and designs to bring a touch of the sun to your outfits! For girls, trousers are getting wider offeing a fashionable and comfortable outline, while “colourblocks” and designs are appearing in new styles on the boys' sweaters.


Our favourite in this collection? The floral print designed by our stylist Capucine. By the way, we must tell you! We have a "creative lab" at Tape à l'oeil, which allows us to obtain these beautiful prints, come on, we'll tell you about it:

Lény, Ambre, Esteban and Laura
Zoom on our outfits for special occasions

Now let's talk about our special occasion outfits! We know events are likely to be unusual again this year, but because there's always a good reason to look beautiful or handsome: our special occasion looks come in bright colours and sophisticated materials with those little chic details that make all the difference.

Focus on our swimwear collection!

Musée de La Piscine, Roubaix

Swimming costumes, anti-uv tops, sunglasses, beach accessories: on holiday or in the garden, this summer we want colour, fun and prints! Frilly details and touches of sparkle for the girls, stripes and ultra-colourful prints for the boys, all you have to do is make your choice!
New this year? Our hooded bath ponchos! With a floral or striped print on the outside and terry towelling inside, it's the perfect accessory for holidays!

We had the chance to spend ages at the Piscine de Roubaix which was once a swimming pool, but is that in name only now (and even that's actually wrong!!), since it’s become a museum. But a museum we had all to ourselves, so we were actually rather glad of all these constraints!

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