Spring-Summer 2020 collection

Their names are Fiametta, Cassandra, Anatole and Hugo. In their own way, they are already undertaking eco-responsible actions. We spent some time with them a few weeks ago, talking about fashion and ecology. A film shoot in an old metal factory rehabilitated as an antique shop, an open discussion in a co-working space dedicated to designers (the Plateau Fertile in Roubaix). The teenagers inspired us throughout the entire day. The goal? To understand teenagers' expectations and vision of eco-responsible fashion. To be able to respond better to these expectations tomorrow. You can find this discussion (and take part in it) on the @taotweens Instagram account & all the little steps we've taken are here (CSR page).

The NEW CO 2020 collection offers fashionable and accessible everyday wear starting at €5.99!
For this new year, our young men's wardrobe features on-trend pieces (repeated and colourful designs, tie and dye), warm, vintage windcheaters and new techniques too, especially for embroidery! Also note the addition of an essential: a lightweight sleeveless padded jacket with recycled padding.
For girls, welcome to the 80s, Version 2.0: a new flared cut is added to the Less Water* denim range (take a look at ref 96465). There's suedette, stripes, the latest looks and organic cotton. More feminine cuts too (think jumpsuits, fluid, high-waisted trousers). Basically, if your teenagers tell you they have nothing to wear or they're not stylish, you haven't been to TAO TWEENS."

* uses less water in manufacturing

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