Autumn-Winter 2019

In all its autumn splendor, the Autumn-Winter 2019 infant collection invites us to travel and stroll through the forest! Antique pink, rust, duck blue, mustard and navy blue combined with soft, warm and comfortable fabrics.
Our hats, snoods and mittens are fleece lined, and we’re in love! As for our coats, whether they’re lined with recycled polyester fibre, wool fabric, fleece or imitation fur, they’re warm yet breathable.
We love this classic corduroy on our dresses, pants and overalls. We’ve also fallen in love with knits, which are making a comeback: pique and heathered knits with a handmade look.
And there you go! Our babies are ready to face the winter cold! Brrrr ;)

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And because it’s important for us to offer you quality coats, come discover our four key points :

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