At Tape à l'Œil, our #BoostTalent project is our chance to develop everyone's talent so that we can shape tomorrow together.
So we decided to select and invite partner brands to offer you even more choice in our 0-16 years old fashion ranges.

These brands are benchmarks, emerging or innovative on the children's market and in tune with our values.
We fell in love with their expertise, their technology and their worlds.
We believe that these products will meet your needs: affordable fashion combined with quality products.
We are very proud to offer them to you and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Created more than 65 years ago in France, Damart® is a brand well-known for the quality of its products made with Thermolactyl®, a legendary fibre with active heat. Innovative technological skill and expertise that have become an industry benchmark.

A Tape à l'Œil favourite: offering technical products, renowned for their quality and comfort, which can be worn underneath clothes to stay warm or for keeping cosy at home.
New Balance, established in 1906, is a brand that creates must-have sports shoes. Known for its lifestyle and running shoes, the brand is continually renewing itself so it can continue to offer ever more high-performance products. Based on quality and comfort, New Balance shoes also offer the perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

Why we at Tape à l’Œil love them: our customers have told us the NEW BALANCE brand is a favourite brand for their children. We love the stylish looks and the choice of colours the brand offers.

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