OUR ECODESIGN COLLECTIONS, WORKING TOWARDS MORE RESPONSIBLE FASHION. Clearly identifiable, proudly carrying our TAO ECODESIGN label, 32% of our products are made from eco-responsible raw materials (such as organic cotton, Tencel or recycled fibres) or with manufacturing processes that limit our impact on the environment (for example, LessWater denim, which uses less water).


At Tape à l'Oeil, to be more environmentally friendly, we have decided to favour an alternative to traditional cotton: organic cotton.
Organic cotton is produced on land where crop rotation is practiced. This enriches the soil and prevents the addition of fertilisers.

It is GMO-free, and its cultivation causes less water pollution. It is bleached with hydrogen peroxide, which is much less harmful to the planet and to our skin.
In our new 2020 winter collection, 95% of our Tape à l'Oeil t-shirts are made of organic cotton. And, we also offer sweatshirts, trousers, pyjamas, underwear and scarves in organic cotton. To comfort and care for the skin of your very little ones, everything in our layette (birth) collection and our collection specially designed for babies' "first days" is made of cotton produced by organic farming. Consequently, 100% of our bodies, sleepsuits, bibs and all our layette clothes are made of organic cotton.


Denim production consumes a lot of water. At Tape à l'Oeil, we have decided to use the LessWater* technique.

This technique lets us reduce the amount of water we use in the washing process by at least 50% compared with conventional jeans.

In winter 2020, 98% of our Tape à l'Oeil denim products are LessWater*: our jeans and other denim products too: dresses, shirts, shorts, dungarees, jackets and so on.


Plastic is the material that pollutes our environment the most, especially our oceans. Today, rather than re-manufacturing, it is possible to transform plastic waste, such as bottles, into plastic flakes (= r-PET flakes) and then turn them into textile fibres.

Today, at TAO, 100% of the padding in our jackets and coats is made from recycled polyester fibres. And little by little, we are offering ever more products made from recycled fibres, including hats, snoods, gloves, scarves and slippers.

That's so much plastic that won't end up in the environment!


All components (for example, every thread, every accessory...like buttons, etc., and every design process) of our grow suits and sleepwear have been tested by independent Oeko-Tex® partner institutes.
At each stage of production, from the thread to the finished product, the institutes check for the presence of both regulated and unregulated materials that could be harmful to baby's health. This year, all grow suits and sleepwear in our new winter 2020 collection are certified via the STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® international independent label, which guarantees that no toxic substances are found in our products.
Just one more way of offering the best for your baby's skin with products we trust.


At Tape à l'Oeil, we offer clothing made of Tencel® material, which is produced from Eucalyptus wood. The production of this fibre is environmentally friendly as it uses less water and pesticide.
Tencel® is a natural, soft and fluid material suitable for children's sensitive skin.
Tencel® garments are easy to care for because they are resistant to repeated washing, do not lose their colour, and remain silky smooth while wrinkling very little.
Each season, you will find a range of dresses, trousers, jumpsuits, shirts and shorts made from Tencel® fibres in our collections, offering your children maximum comfort!


We are developing "LOW IMPACT DENIM" products in our collections. The production process used in these garments has an optimised impact on the environment because:
- it consumes less water
- it consumes less energy
- it cuts down on the use of chemicals
- it controls the impact on the health of the producer

These "LOW IMPACT DENIM" products guarantee that the production chain is completely transparent from the supply of the fibres and the dying of the fabrics to the finishing processes used in the jeans.

A way of offering more robust and more eco-friendly jeans.
This winter, look out for our "LOW IMPACT DENIM" products in our Baby and Kid, Girl and Boy collections: trousers, shirts, skirts and leggings. There's plenty of choice!

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