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5 ideas to make your decorations 100% eco-friendly 🍃

Posted by Valentine de Tape à l'oeil

May, 23 2022

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Happy birthday !!
Or… Happy holidays! Any excuse is good enough to organise a little party or a little treat with your kid and their friends!

But when you say party, you also have to say decorations!
And what could be better than making your own 100% sustainable decorations for this great party?
We’ve come up with some great ideas for decorating your party with whatever you have lying around – we L-O-V-E upcycling!

Your wallet will thank you, the planet will thank you and your kid will be OVER THE MOON!

Let’s get started!

A party without candles and a garland? NEVER 🕯

Got drinking straws (paper straws, of course!), a sheet of coloured paper and thread at home?
BAM! the garland is almost finished already!

Just cut the straws in half to make them the size of a little candle, then take some yellow paper and cut it into the shape of a flame, add a dab of glue and you’ve got your candle!

All that’s missing is the thread, which you attach or glue to the homemade candles, and there you have it – a pretty, fiery garland!

Paper pom-poms all over the place! 🌸

Just three tools to make a pretty, colourful pom-pom and you’re in business!
(OK, we’re getting a bit carried away but it really is a quick and easy decoration to make!)
You’ll need tissue paper, thread and scissors.

Take your tissue paper, unfold it and put a few sheets on top of each other (say four or five to make a big pom-pom!)
Next, fold your sheets concertina-style, one way and then the other; it’s super easy and you’ve already made half the pom-pom.
Once your tissue paper strip is well concertina-ed (yes, that’s what we call it), you can take a small piece of thread and tie a knot in the middle of your concertina.
The thread keeps your pom-pom in place so that it stays nice and round!

Et voilà ! It’s almost done – you can cut the rectangular ends of your concertina to round them off, then unfold the pom-pom layers and taraaaa!
Your festive pom-pom is ready to be hung anywhere, isn’t that great?

But where are the invitations? 💌

Uh… Where are the invitations? Don’t panic, we’ll show you how to invite your guests with some unique cards!
All you need is some thick coloured paper (120 grams minimum) in A4 format, glue, scissors and a utility knife.
The first step is the simplest: choose the colours of your card – blue, green, red or yellow? Pick the colours that rock your world!
Once you’ve chosen the papers, you fold your sheet in half lengthwise, which will give you a card format.

To make this 3D effect when the card is unfolded, you have to cut two slots along the fold of the card!
Whassat? Come on, we’ll do it together! Unfold your paper, take your knife and make a slit of a few centimetres in the middle, lengthwise, then parallel to that, a few centimetres away, the same thing.
Push this little paper slit to create the desired 3D effect!

Well done! Now, let’s customise your card! Glue pictures, paper cut-outs, or stickers on your little staircase in the card, and when it opens, it’ll unfold!

Mum! The decoration is alive! 🐱‍🐉

What better way to entertain your kids than with (almost) living decorations?
Dinosaurs, animals, insects – come on, we’ll show you right now!

You’ll need some paper plates, paint, empty cardboard rolls and eye stickers!

Take the plates and cut them in half – that’ll be the body of our cardboard animal!
Take a second plate and cut it according to the shape of your animal; in the case of our friends the dinosaurs, we’ll cut them into triangles.
Take your cardboard rolls, and SNIP! Cut them in half to make the legs of our prehistoric critters!
Slap on a coat of paint – green, blue or any other colour – on all your cardboard bits!
Put all the parts together, glue on two little eyes and TARAAA! Your dinosaur (or animal) friends are ready to add colour to your decorations.

The masks are off here! 🐰🐱🐶

Last but not least, now that all the decorations are ready, your invitations have gone out, and your cute table is brightened up by all those colours, we can also decorate our kids, right?
A little funny animal mask – let’s get started!
Paper plates, coloured paper, paint and paper straws – we already had all that on hand!

Take your paper plates and cut off less than half of each.
With your scissors and a bit of skill (we know you can do it!)
make 2 holes for your kids’ eyes (make a mark before cutting).
All you have to do is paint on the colours of your choice and add all the accessories you need to finish your masks: a moustache, ears, a mouth and why not a tongue?

Got some straws left over? Perfect! Stick one to the back of the mask and hey presto!
You’ve got a handle to hold the mask!

And there you go! No more excuses not to throw a GIGA MEGA party!
And if you want more ideas, just go HERE, to our dedicated Pinterest board 💕

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