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DIY – Board games you can make yourself 💪

Posted by Valentine de Tape à l'oeil

Jul, 19 2022

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What can you do with the empty cereal boxes and egg cartons you have around your home?
Are you and your kid creative? Are you into recycling?
That’s great, because just for you, we’ve tested two fun ways to recycle objects that may be lying around the house and turn them into board games!

With next to nothing but the things you have lying around your house (we promise we won’t overburden you)!
But enough to empty the cupboards and drawers and keep the kids busy for a good part of the weekend!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!!

Make your own draughts ✨

Don’t have a draughts set at home?
Don’t worry! You can make one yourself, and it’s super easy (and fun)!
What’s more, you can empty your drawers full of lost buttons and give them a second life! (Huh? Buttons?) We’ll show you how!

Valentine’s tip: Allow yourself a good part of the afternoon for making this, and especially for collecting buttons from all over the house. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt!

To make this game you’ll need some materials, but we’re pretty sure you’ve already got them all at home:

  • Cardboard
  • Buttons (from Dad’s shirts or Mum’s jumpers, for example!)
  • A ruler
  • Paint and brushes
  • And for those who like to be precise, repositionable tape

👉 Step 1: Make the game board

Using the cardboard you have at home, cut it into squares.
Today we’ll be making a 24 x 24 cm board.
On this board, use your ruler to make 8 rows and 8 columns,
so you end up with a total of 64 squares measuring 3 cm each.
(Oh my, that’s a lot of calculations!)
You’ll end up with something like this:

👉 Step 2 : Painting!

We’ve done the majority of the work! Now it’s time to get creative!
To paint in a super clean way, you can use scotch tape,
otherwise known as « masking tape », which is easy to remove.
Your edges will be totally clean, and it won’t tear the cardboard. GORGEOUS!

👉 Step 3: Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Now that the board is ready, all that’s missing are the game pieces!
You’ve found all the buttons you could find,
and now that you have all 24 of them, you can choose two different colours
to delineate the two teams!

A total of 12 buttons per team!
TADAAA! And there you have it, you’ve made your own draughts
using next to nothing…lol! 😎

Make your own Tetris game ✨
Now that the draughts game is done, why not make an awesome
Tetris game? It’s as fun for the older kids as for the younger ones!
So you’ve just finished a big box of eggs, and now you’re wondering, « What in the world am I going to do with them? »
We have the answer, and it’s right below!

Valentine’s tip: For young children, get an adult to help you
cut out the egg cartons, and plan on a good weekend of manual work!

Materials needed for this DIY:

  • Empty egg boxes
  • Scissors
  • Paint and brushes

👉 Step 1: Collect your egg boxes

Dad, Mum, everyone…let’s have an omelette party!
For a few days, you’ll be eating hard-boiled eggs,
omelettes and soft-boiled eggs, but it’s worth it (we promise)!

You’ll need a base for the game, so a box of 20 or 30 eggs.
And collect random boxes of 4, 6 or 12 eggs!

👉 Step 2: A white base for the boxes!

If you’ve collected boxes from friends or family,
you probably have various boxes in different colours.
Even though we love the colours here, you’ll need to paint a white base first
to make the colours stand out even more (Shine bright like a diamond!)

👉 Step 3: Cut everything out!

With your boxes of 4, 6, 12 eggs, you can cut them to make
rectangles, Ls, crosses, etc. In short, you’ll need lots of shapes to fit on your base!

👉Step 4: Paint everything!

Now that your Tetris blocks are all cut out, you just need to paint them in different colours!
TADAAA #2! Now you have a great home-made Tetris game that can be nested and stored!
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