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10 gift ideas for teachers and childminders

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Jun, 30 2020

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We all know, this end of the school year has been very unusual and even if deep-down, let’s face it 😇, we think that we’re the ones who deserve a gift for having spent several months being a mum/dad, a great cook, a teacher, an amazing playmate, all at the same time; we still wouldn’t want to skimp on the traditional little end-of-year gift to thank our kids’ teachers, classroom assistants, childminders… who have also done a remarkable job under trying conditions.

Because yes, after having spent several months non-stop in very close proximity, we know only too well just how adorable our offspring are, don’t we?! And we really want to take our hats off to them for everything they do every day, during confinement and even afterwards, pulling out all the stops to keep us and our kids as safe as possible.

So, to help you say a proper thank-you, we’ve put together several gift ideas that are bound to please! To make yourself or not, the choice is yours! 😉

#1 Ultra-fun banners

If you’re looking for an original idea, that the teacher, classroom assistant or childminder won’t receive two or even three times over, then we’ve got what you need! Or rather Eve from Minireyve has, because we didn’t have to do anything, we’re just passing on her great idea, which deserves to be more widely known. On her blog, she has little templates of pennants for you to print out, with fun messages, that are sure to raise a smile!

>>> Download the Minireyve file to print out <<<

#2 The super-stylish bookmark

For all the books that your teacher will read this summer and all year round, we think the idea of this bookmark with a little message is great fun. It’s an original idea, that makes a change and may surprise the person concerned. We approve++++

Photo credit: Pinterest

#3 Pots of flowers with personalised messages

A little plant always makes a lovely gift! Add a little personalised message and just print it out from Minireyve’s  blog and voila!

>>  Check out Minireyve’s craft ideas <<

#4 The SOS cookie, to keep energy levels up

If your classroom assistant, teacher or childminder has a sweet tooth, make them a little jar of cookies to open when they get peckish! They’re sure to love it! 🙂

Photo credit: Pinterest

#5 The essential chocolate bars

Not very original, we’re sure you’ll agree, but we love this idea because it’s so simple to create, that we couldn’t help including it in our top gifts. You can print ready-made labels at Minireyve!

>>> Download the labels for chocolate bars from Minireyve <<<

#6 A fun customised tote bag!

Both fun and practical, we love the idea of a personalised bag or pouch with a fun little message, which is also a reusable gift. Make your own or buy one ready-made, it’s up to you!

Photo credit: Pinterest

#7 A super-cute poster

A lovely poster to decorate the wall – what a great idea! With a touching message or a little note to say thank you to the person concerned in style.

Photo credit: Pinterest

#8 A pot of sweet messages – so cute!

What could be better than little messages written by your kids to really thank their teacher in their own words? We can’t think of a better personalised gift! You can even mix the little messages with a few sweets to enjoy while they’re reading!

Photo credit: Pinterest

#9 A personalised candle

We love the idea of this personalised candle as a gift for the end of the year. The teacher, classroom assistant or childminder will thank you for this great idea that makes a change from another mug for their collection! 😛

Photo credit: Pinterest

#10 The notebook to customise

Once again, this idea comes to us from Minireyve , this time it’s a notebook to customise with a free « printable », and we love the idea because you can never have too many notebooks, can you?

>>> Download the Minireyve file to customise your notebook <<<

#11 Quite simply, a printable card

And the bonus idea, for everyone who’s always chasing their tail, the printable card is a great way to show your teacher or childminder that you haven’t forgotten them!

Photo credit: Pinterest

For all those everyday super-mums and super-dads out there, you deserve a gift too! And we take our hats off to you for everything you do! 🙌

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