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5 Birthday Gifts for Kids

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

May, 29 2020

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You are probably because you need a few gift ideas for your kids. Don’t tell anyone, but we lots of ideas. All you need to do is pick one from our article on X surprises to make your kid’s birthday unforgettable.

Plan an event

If your kid is the right age to enjoy attending an event with you, choose this as it is the best way to have fun together and create memories. What better gift could there be than time with family? You could go out to an amusement park, concert, performance, learn more about a sport they like – there are so many things they will enjoy!

Handmade “Gift Certificates”

Here are a few ideas that start with your imagination, but more importantly, are tailored to your child! Think about what makes them happy and make certificates thare are good for a few small indulgences. Here are a few ideas for inspiration: “Certificate for a family restaurant trip,” “Certificate for breakfast in bed,” “Certificate to watch a movie or series of your choice together,” “Certificate for an outing wherever you like,” “Certificate for a mother-daughter shopping trip,” “Certificate to play unlimited video games all day,” etc.  Fill a box with candy and slip them the certificates!



You can choose an actual subscription or offer them a subscription that you prepare yourself. For example, you could give them a book each month. Or you can choose it together, either shopping together or sending it to them.

A Box of Sweets

Prepare a box with sweets (like candy or chocolate) that are usually forbidden at home, but will be allowed on this birthday as a treat. And in limited quantities, of course. 😉

A Magical Day

On this birthday, make your child king or queen for a day and let them choose everything: meals, activities, whatever! He or she has the power for 24 hrs. (but no longer! 😉 )

Ideas Under €5

These are good for a small treat for your own child or for sending a little gift to the next birthday for which your child receives an invitation. Here are a few gift ideas under €5.

A cap or tinted sunglasses to spoil the boys. For girls: some pretty sequined socks, a scarf, a pretty bauble or hair accessory will make trend-setters happy!

Do you have more ideas to add to those above? Share with us in the comments and we will add them to the article.

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