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5 ideas for a perfect Halloween party that is both good for the planet and fun for the kids!

Posted by Zoé de Tape à l'oeil

Oct, 20 2022

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Firstly, let’s roll up our sleeves, and we’ve thought of everything! Check out our ultra-soft pyjamas, perfect for Halloween: https://www.t-a-o.com/search?text=pyjamas

“Sweets and parties that pollute the environment” 😱 NO WAY!

At Tape à L’œil, we’ve found a way of throwing a fun party that both appeals to the kids and is kind to the planet! That’s right, it can be done!! And we have put together all kinds of ideas to help you organise this super party😊

#1 A clementine or a pumpkin?

What better things to decorate than fruits! Then you can eat them… No wastage!

For your first decorating task, we’ll give you a very easy DIY tip! Simply get some clementines and a marker pen!

Take your lovely clementines and put your drawing talents to good use on your beautiful fruits! Don’t worry, it’s super-easy and we’ll even give you a template. Cool, don’t you think? 😉

Once the party’s over, simply peel and enjoy the clementines (or pumpkin? What else…)





Bonus idea:

If your kids looooove collecting fallen leaves from the garden, you can also draw little faces on them, here’s an example 😍






 #3 The garland of ghosts😨

This one’s great, it couldn’t be easier: let us show you how 😉

Simply take some old newspapers you’re finished with or books you’re sure you won’t read again.

Instead of throwing them away, why not make some little ghosts out of them?

You can print a template of a little ghost that you can use to cut out lots more little ghosts from the newspaper. But you can also let your creativity do the talking and cut out little ghosts in whatever shapes and sizes take your fancy!

And don’t forget to stick or paint eyes on them!





#4 Spider webs

Pumpkins, ghosts, but where are the spiders?  🤔

Don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted! For this little DIY project, you will need to eat some ice cream or lollies and save the sticks (cool so far, isn’t it?). Also get some white string and black paper.

All you then need to do is glue the sticks together to form a star shape, cut out some little spiders from the black paper and stick them on!

So, how did these little Halloween stars turn out? 😊



#5 The Ghost Town

Do your kids love tinkering? Good, because we have a great decoration idea for them…

For this, you will need: an old cardboard box, scissors, and some of our good old black paint (I hope there’s still some left in the pot…).

From the cardboard, cut out shapes of houses, furniture, castles, and any features you want to create a 3D impression of a ghost town!

Add a little touch of paint (optional), and that’s it 😊






  #6 Mummy jars

Stop right there! Take back all those empty jars destined for the glass recycling collection on Thursday evening, because you’ll need them!

As you can see, we’ve had an idea for a sweet container. Sweetie bags are a thing of the past! What could be better than mummy jars?

For this DIY project, start by wrapping toilet paper, paper towels or even bandages around your jars. On each jar, draw two little eyes using a marker pen, or stick on little goofy eyes, and there you are, done!


Check out all our creation ideas on our Pinterest dashboard :



Now you have all the ingredients you will need for this recipe for a super party that is both kind to the environment and fun for Halloween! Feel free to send us pictures of your creations or just scenes from your party with the hashtag #tapealoeil! 😇

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