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How to dress baby in winter?

Posted by Valentine de Tape à l'oeil

Jan, 18 2022

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And yes, summer is over, the warm sand and reflections of the blue sea… 😎

It is now time to get our baby’s pyjamas ready to keep them warm for sleeping this winter! ❄

We know that for our first-time mums, it can be a daunting challenge to understand the signs baby makes, especially when it is turning into an ice cube (glagla!) ☃

But don’t panic, we have the answers to the questions you will ask:

How can you tell if baby is cold? How do you know when its clothes are too warm? Which pyjamas should you choose to match the temperature of its room? 🤔

To guide you, we’ve done a little illustration of pyjamas adapted to different temperatures.

Now that everyone has taken note of this info 😜

We will guide you on how to dress baby to keep it warm in its sleep. 💕

👉 Onesies:

At Tape à l’œil, there are two sorts of onesies:

Onesies with short sleeves and onesies with long sleeves (so far so good👌)

Onesies are the base layer! (We have created an article on our baby essentials, and onesies are the boss! 😎)

You can never have too many, and they are very handy for dressing baby in.

During the mid-season, you can opt for a short-sleeved onesie on its own or with a sleepsuit if the air is milder. Your baby will be comfortable without getting too warm to sleep!

If the night is chilly, the combination set of a long-sleeved onesie and sleepsuit will keep your baby wrapped up in a nice warm cosy cocoon 😍

And if the night is freezing (like at the North Pole!), a long-sleeved onesie, sleepsuit and sleeping bag will be perfect for keeping baby warm through the night!

🍃 Little extra about ethics:

All our onesies and sleepsuits are made from organic, OEKO TEX certified cotton, so these are eco-designed products that protect both the planet and your baby’s sensitive skin. 💖

👉 Sleepsuits:

Like with onesies, we have two types of sleepsuits at TAO:

Sleepsuits come with short sleeves or long sleeves (like onesies 😎 !). But we’re going to focus on sleepsuits with long sleeves!

Sleepsuits with thicker material, which are better in cold weather, always come with long sleeves, with or without feet, and are lined with nice warm velvet or cotton! 🥶

But should I choose a sleepsuit in velvet or cotton? 🤔

Velvet sleepsuits are the warmest of our pyjamas! They are ideal for chilly nights and although they are sufficient on their own (with a small onesie under the pyjamas), velvet sleepsuits can be combined with a sleeping bag if it gets freezing cold. 💪🏻

Cotton sleepsuits have long sleeves, with or without feet, and are perfect for mild nights to ensure that baby does not get too warm in its cot, or conversely, not too cold! 😎

Generally, all these sleepsuits are ideal for chilly winter nights, and will keep baby warm throughout its night-time sleep! You must also be imagining how onesies and sleepsuits can be combined! To do this, refer to our little illustration at the top of this article 😘

👉 Sleeping bags:

Sleeping bags are little cocoons perfect for keeping baby nice and warm! 🌡

Each of our sleeping bags is defined by a TOG value, which is a measure of a sleeping bag’s heat capacity to keep baby cool or nice and warm.

A sleeping bag with an index of less than 1 is relatively light, perfect for summer.
For values of 2 or above, the sleeping bag is nicely padded and insulating, perfect for chilly nights.

However, it is necessary to follow the clothing recommendations, depending on the temperature of the room in which baby is sleeping! 😉 (see the information just above👆)

✌ Little hint made in TAO :

All our sleeping bags come in sizes 0-6months and 6-23months. They all have snap-fasteners at the back to decrease the size of the sleeping bag, which ensures that very small babies don’t bob around inside.

A great trick for maximising baby’s comfort and keeping a sleeping bag as long as possible. 🤩

👉 Bunting bags:

A bunting bag is an ideal accessory for keeping little babies aged 0 – 2 months nice and warm. Perfect for use when leaving the maternity ward, walking, or travelling.

However, once baby starts getting more mobile, it’s best to put it in a sleeping bag. The bunting bag is especially useful for lending a helping hand! 🤗

👉 And finally, little accessories to keep baby warm:

At temperatures below 18°C, it’s best to put soft/thick socks on baby before it goes to sleep! ❤

Some babies are a bit more skittish than others, so if you notice that your baby’s feet are getting cold and are beginning to change colour, you will need to put some small socks on them to warm them up. 🥰

And there you are! You now have all the key information you need to dress baby up nice and warm for sleeping! 😉💖

Of course, each baby is different and reacts in its own way to being too warm or cold, so you will need to spend time watching baby and learn to understand the signs it makes! ❤


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