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How should you tell your first child you’re pregnant?

Posted by Margaux de Tape à l'oeil

Jul, 20 2022

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A second baby is on the way and will soon join the nest… congratulations! Now all you have to do is tell your firstborn. But how??

Well, to make your life easier (thanks to team TAO), we’ve thought of some different ways to tell your first kid the news! Here we go 😊

Getting the message across through a book

Mummy has a baby in her tummy! Whaaat?  What do you mean? I can’t see it?                           That’s right, how do you show them that a baby has taken up residence in Mummy’s tummy and is planning to stay there for a few months?  😜

Why not use a book?
A picture book, a simple story, with simple words to gently help your kid understand that soon, there will be two of them to ADORE their beloved Mummy.
A book, some quiet time, and there you have it. That was easy, wasn’t it? 😊
Need a helping hand? We’ve got some books for you!


  1. How about drawing a baby?

If your kid loves to draw, why not take this opportunity to tell him/her? You could get them to draw Daddy, Mummy, themselves… But?? Is something missing here? Yes, Mum with the future new little person in the family!

So add him/her to the drawing! And explain why Mummy has a tummy like a balloon on the blank paper.

You could keep this little drawing! That way your kid can have fun changing it and adding baby when he arrives! Hey, one more drawing on the fridge 😜

  1. Prepare a little present for the baby

 »A sleepsuit in three months’ size? But it’s too small for me???’ 😅

Well spotted, Sherlock 😉 Yes, this outfit will be for the newcomer who will be joining the family in a few months’ time! To explain to your older child, you can tell him/her that there will be a baby in this outfit soon. And that he/she will be able to give it to them when they arrive! 😊


  1. A treasure hunt

What if you asked your kid to find a key object in the house to explain the arrival of baby? A photo, the ultrasound, a nappy, a dummy… it’s up to you what you hide 😜

For example, you can hide a picture under your sweater/T-shirt and as soon as he/she gets close, he/she is getting waaarm! Well yes, the answer is hidden in Mummy’s tummy, isn’t it?

  1. The birth announcement kit

Simple and effective: we loooove it! A balloon, a ribbon, a note and hey presto!  All your kid has to do is pop it and discover what’s inside! 🎈

Oh yes, and we’ve also thought of the younger ones who can’t read yet! We could replace the note with a photo, couldn’t we? 😊

By the way, if you like the idea, we have some on our website: https://www.t-a-o.com/garcon/le-kit-d-annonce-la-famille-s-agrandit-avec-cartes-et-ballons-kraft-big-97222.html

So were you inspired by all these ideas? Be sure to tell us about your announcement! At TAO, we love it when you share your family moments with us. And by the way, if you have any other ideas, share them in the comments, we can’t wait to find out 😍

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