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Going back to school is a serious business! We do everything we can to make the best impression on our first day of school! So inevitably, it’s a moment we must capture! Want some ideas? Excellent, here are our bloggers, offering you theirs!

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Aug, 19 2019

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OK, we know, you don’t want to talk about it, or even think about it, but the summer holidays are coming to an end and the new school year is fast approaching… SNIFF! 😥 Well, dry your tears, our kids’ back-to-school outfits will ensure everyone’s eager to get there!

As we do every year, we asked our blogging mums to put their best ideas into pictures for the start of the school year!  How would it be if the sight of these great outfits could motivate your kids?

For @julesetjeanne, there’s an old-school atmosphere! (if you don’t mind me saying so🤣) Wooden tables, old slates, big sticks of chalk: it’s all there.  

At @carnetdelou, everyone’s ready for the new school year with this little bagful! On the other hand, we’re not sure that hitchhiking is the best way to get to school on time! 😜

@bene_deparisacharleroi is offering you a little tip to avoid chattering in class!

Over with @lovinglymom, they’re counting on comfortable clothing and the sisters are sticking together for a top-class year! 👊

At @lovinglymom, they can’t wait to get back to school with a pretty bandana! Be careful not to forget the last little one! 😜   

It’s a back-to-school catch-up and sharing secrets for the kids at @monpetitbazarblog, who already have some little nuggets to confide… 🤫

And at @vi_sa06, they’re waiting eagerly on the school steps to show off their new look. A perfect blend of elegance and relaxation: Chino shorts/trainers for Nael and a pretty tulle skirt with a small flowery jacket for Ella

Hands up if you’re ready to go back to school! In the @emilie_pensees household, it looks like they are!

With @raised_on_the_road, it’s always a bit of an adventure! But that’s no problem for TAO clothing, extreme conditions hold no fears for them! 💪

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