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The best mother/daughter photo ideas from our influencers

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

May, 19 2020

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Have you seen our girls’ collection created in partnership with Aurélie Andrès? A multidisciplinary artist with immense curiosity, Aurélie is a designer, illustrator and muralist (is there anything she can’t do?!). And her work reflects her own communicative joie de vivre 😃 For example, she had a great idea for the collection shoot in Morocco: creating a graphic, colourful scene just like her prints – fully designed, cut out and painted by her! 🎨 🖌
By using her art to add some colour to dull landscapes, she gives others some real feel-good therapy. And that’s Aurélie in a nutshell 👌🏻💕 This delightful collection of matching looks for mums and daughters is full of graphic and colourful prints you’ll want to get your hands on!

>>> Browse the Aurélie Andrès mother/daughter collection <<< 

This is a good opportunity to give you a few ideas for mother/daughter photos, with images taken by our influencer mums.

First, a gentle and natural moment from @babyatoutprix. Lucie tickles Téa to make her laugh and we love the result in this photo!

Roxanne and Mila from @babychoufamilyfr have chosen an outdoor shoot and we adore the « back from the beach » vibe in these images.

The look of love showing the closeness between Sophie and Eva in this photo from @sophie_sben makes us feel all gooey. It’s the perfect way to capture the moment.

Similarly, in this photo from @visa_06 where they’re holding hands and wearing completely matching outfits, we like how you can really feel the love!

We’re outside again with simple and tender photos, just how we like them, thanks to Jill and her account @raised_on_the_road. 🤍

Finally, a big mother/daughter hug from @alicia.desprets what a beautiful memory to keep! Enjoyed these?

We can’t help but share the stunning photos from  @celine-audetourdunchemin and @natachouetteandco, although they’re not actually mother/daughter images.

So, do you like photos where the mum and daughter are in matching looks? Want to show us yours? Post them on social media with the hashtag #tapealoeil so we see them.

Here’s a little gift: a few backgrounds you can download in the colours of the Aurélie Andrès collection.

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