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CAL’s 10 tips for brightening up your everyday objects

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Oct, 09 2020

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During our Edition #007 experience, our kids met Caroline, known by her street artist name, CAL (who you can find on Instagram: @cal_dessins_and_co). As Leny said so well, “Caroline brings joy to the city” and Mila: “she makes the city more fun”. CAL is again delighting the city of Lyon with her poetic creations. With the 4 kids, she transformed some simple dustbins into little characters who just ask to be fed.

And to draw the eye and make passers-by smile, they left their mark on the city via a procession of children looking just like them, which they stuck on the riser of a step. CAL’s creations are all designed to be temporary and biodegradable. For example, she makes her own glue from potato starch.

Following this experience with the children, we absolutely wanted to show off CAL’s work, and so we are offering you some ideas for small, simple creations that you can use to brighten up your everyday objects. These ideas are all CAL’s, of course, and you can find them on her Instagram account: @cal_dessins_and_co.

But we issue a warning that, after this, you’re going to want to brighten up every object you encounter! Letter boxes, coffee cups, the corner of a wall… nothing will be safe!

#1 — The scary letterbox

“No bills thanks!” If only it was so simple to pressurise the postie by just looking at him or her! Anyway, we think this is a funny idea, don’t you agree?

#2 — The perplexed coffee cup

Get hold of a marker and make your coffee cup smile, seem perplexed, annoyed… you choose, depending on your mood of the day!

#3 — The curious shutters

Draw two eyes behind your shutters to add some life to your house! Of course, your neighbours will perhaps feel like they are being watched, but it made us laugh!

#4 — The gang of buddies, uh, bottles

Some markers, a few bottles and that’s all there is to it! If you use a glass bottle as a water carafe, for example, give it a lease of life by adding expressions to make the kids smile!

#5 — The exasperated socks

Everyone knows that socks always end up separated, alone, lost, after several washes and the least we can say is that these look completely exasperated at their sad fate! So, we’re counting on you to give your kids’ socks happier expressions!

#6 — The sink that makes you want to swim

If brushing their teeth is a chore for your kids, we think that this could be the perfect solution to help! Draw one of their favourite characters swimming in the sink and we think that they’ll be much more enthusiastic!

#7 — The cafetière that doesn’t like mornings

If you still use one, this drawing is for you! If not, decorate your cups with the solution offered above.

#8 — The books are watching you

Give life to your books by drawing eyes on them and bring a touch of humour to your library, or that of your kids!

#9 — Frightened toilet roll tubes

Do empty toilet rolls make you anxious? Us too! But we find these cute and, what’s more, they are a fun family activity!

#10 — Starving raclette dishes

We’re not afraid to say that we’ve left the best until last. As huge raclette fans, we’re completely in love with this idea for decorating the dishes, do you agree?

Do you like these ideas? Which is your favourite? We love the letterbox and the raclette dishes. Tell us in the comments which object you want to create — we can’t wait to hear!

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