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May, 03 2021

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Under normal circumstances, we would have gone to photograph our summer 2021 collection in the sun. And yes, it was February and we are from aaaall the way up there, in the North of France! We are used to dealing with kids but not to putting them in swimming costumes in the snow!


Never mind, since we couldn’t travel, we were going to make the sun shine indoors…!

To get you in the mood, we’ll let you watch the video documentary, then we’ll see you just below to tell you more:

For this journey, we brought together four children with very different personalities: Mila, Lëoh, Camille and Mélina. They’re all between eight and ten, with their lives ahead of them and their creativity at their fingertips.

For four days, they were asked to let their imaginations take us on a journey through an ideal summer (remember, this is all while we were in a « simple » photo studio in February in the suburbs of Lille).

It was a blank canvas, and it was up to the kids to paint it. And we have to say that they went at it with gusto and didn’t hold back. The sets came to life according to their desires: « Really, we can do anything we want? Well, I’d like an enoooormous dromedary there. Yes, yes, there on my head. Why? Why not? And here, you could put a mini-me here, ah and while you’re at it, put another one there, and bla, bla, bla… »

There’s something we haven’t mentioned: during those few days, the four kids were accompanied by Valérie, a psycho-practitioner and coach, who in her daily life relies, among other things, on the resources of the enneagram (for those of you who want to go further => her book). We talked with these kids and their mums about potential, freedom, musical notes, the shining sun …

Does all this strike a chord with you? Want to know more? Well, you’re right… so check out this article: * SHINY KIDS * AWESOMELY DIFFERENT, PERFECTLY THEMSELVES.

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