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La robe créateur fête ses 10 ans

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Oct, 28 2020

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🎶Happy Birthday to you designer dress!! Happy Birthday to you designer dress!! Happy Birtttttthday to youuuuuuu designer dress!! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!! 🎶

(Admit it, you sang it didn’t you!! 😛)

Let’s get serious again because we still have an event of the greatest importance to celebrate!! As you are well aware, the release of our designer dress is a real event and this year we are celebrating its 10th anniversary. Oh man, we can already feel the nostalgia overwhelming us… and it’s done nothing but grow over time!! 😥

And 10 years is a milestone, isn’t it! So you get something extra special! Drum roll please….. 🥁

For 2020, we thought we could make one designer dress but not 3.

That we could make 2 designer dresses but not 3.

That we could make 3 designer dresses, but not 3Uh well, we actually managed that.

3 designer dresses can you believe it???? We still don’t!!!!

(Did you get the reference? 😇)


We wanted to go all out this year so we’ve made a video for you that looks back at all our designer dresses over the past 10 years. As part of a dancing fashion show, Mila and Eleïssa, our kids from Edition No. 008, accompanied for the occasion by Liyah, sashayed in their designer dresses and they literally dazzled us, check it out:


In a holiday season red that everybody loves so much, with ruffles on the front for femininity, a longer hem at the back for volume worthy of a catwalk, a V-neck in front embellished with sequins for a « supergirl” look – you’ve been asking us for a red designer dress for years, and we’ve finally done it! 🙂


Do you recognise it perhaps? This dress is a rerelease of the 2015 dress in midnight blue. It features a gold sequin belt and a shower of sequins on the tulle petticoat. We still love it just as much, how about you?


With its shimmery bodice and tulle hem with gold stars, ruff (a must-have detail this season) and its deep red shade, we love everything about this baby girl designer dress!

For those who would like to know more and who wonder where this designer dress came from… You’re in luck because this year, we’re telling you everything.

What’s the origin of this designer dress?An internal competition or in  partnership with the ESMOD school! At the end of this competition, the winning designer dress was selected to then go on sale. Over the years, our stylists have worked hard to design THE new designer dress each year.

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