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How to keep your teenager busy on holiday? 😎

Posted by Coralie de TAO

Apr, 07 2022

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Ah, the holidays! Time off to relax and enjoy the sunshine that’s dusting the end of your nose… 🌞 Which team are you on? The organised team, who plan all their activities in advance, or the improv team, who like to take things day to day, plan-free?

Whichever you are, parents of teens often face the same question: how do you keep them busy during the holidays? So, just for you, we’ve prepared some ideas for activities to suggest to your teens to keep them busy all summer long!

#1 A movie marathon:

Is your teenager a big fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Line up their favourite saga, set up a cosy corner with blankets, cushions and popcorn, and ta-dah: you’re off to the movies! A special moment to share as a family (first one to fall asleep loses!), or with friends.

#2 A camping party:

The holidays are also the time of your teenager’s first parties, often synonymous with parental anxiety! What if you spontaneously suggested organising a little camping party at home for your teenager? Yes, you’ll look like the coolest parents on Earth, but you already know you are 😎. With tents, snacks and good music, you can be sure that the party will go smoothly, and check in to make sure everything’s going according to plan!

#3 A ‘presentation’ party

No, we’re not talking about going back to school just yet. The « Powerpoint Meeting » trend has gone mainstream on TikTok: each participant presents a topic of their choice, often based on one of their passions. A great idea to organise with your family or your teen’s friends to create special moments: finally understanding the meaning of the story of your favourite manga, introducing them to your favourite childhood band or discussing the theory of relativity (you never know 😂). A great evening full of possibilities, exchanges and discoveries!

#4 A screen-free day

Yes, teenagers spend a lot (maybe too much) time on their screens. How long has it been since you checked your screen time? How about a family day where everyone leaves their phones, consoles, and computers in a drawer? It’s a chance to get out your favourite board games, go for a walk in the sunshine or look through photo albums (how cute were they when they were babies?!). A back-to-basics day that can only be good for the whole family!

#5 An artistic afternoon

Everybody writes down a topic, an action and a place on a piece of paper. Then pick a paper for each subject, and get creative! A painting, drawing or sculpture and an infinite number of ideas: a perfect activity to organise with a teen who’s bursting with creativity and imagination. The only condition is that you send us a photo of your beautiful work!

You have everything you need to keep your teens playfully occupied during the holidays, to break their routine – and yours – because yes, we’re all still big kids at heart 🥰

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