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How to survive public transport with baby?

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Mar, 03 2016

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Are you or are you going to be urban parents of young children? Then this article is for you! If you are a parent already, you will know that going on public transport with your little baby boy or girl is no picnic! Too many people, bad smells, service disruptions…When you add a baby into the mix, it becomes a minefield!

So how to get around town with a young child and best get through this ordeal? Here are a few tips.

– Avoid big pushchairs. We prefer buggies, which are lighter and more manageable, and which can be folded if needed. On the metro, you will need incredible strength to carry your pushchair, and on the bus a pushchair which is too big will be frowned on by the other passengers, who will think you are taking up too much room. So, let us tell you: the buggy is THE big tip! And if you really can’t move on from your big pushchair, you can always use little tricks to make certain people want to help you. We have faith in you, we know you will find a way!!

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– Use the baby carrier or the sling. For as long as you can, we strongly advise you to choose a front or back carrier, or even a sling. There is absolutely a solution to suit you! Held tightly against you, baby will be sheltered from germs and draughts. What’s more, you will keep your hands free so you can hang on and you will still be able to move a little freely through the transport jungle!

– Keep our little rascal busy. To avoid our little baby boy or girl’s howls turning our journey hellish, we plan how to keep them busy. A bottle, a dummy or even a few toys, there is always something to keep them occupied, whatever happens!

– Choose comfy clothing. Flat shoes and loose-fitting clothes will be the perfect combo for this journey on public transport! Because yes, you will sweat and use a lot of energy during this ordeal, so you might as well kit yourself out properly!

– Avoid going out at rush hour if possible. We try to avoid crowds as much as we can, this stops stress levels soaring!

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– Go on trips with others. With our mum, our man, our best friend…the journey will be much more fun and our entourage will be an invaluable help when the time comes!

– Smile. Because it’s always easier to face life with a smile, we advise you to tackle this minefield cheerfully, it will go much better.

Good luck! In a few years, you will laugh about this!

Have you got any tips for going on public transport with your baby? Share them with us, we love it!

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