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KM FOR CHANGE challenge : Each of your steps counts!

Posted by Hélène de TAO

Apr, 21 2021

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The heat is on! 29,100 km covered so far… Another 70,900 km to go. Ready to take on the challenge? Download the app KM FOR CHANGE and launch it before setting out to run (or walk). For every KM covered, the TAO foundation will donate 10 cents to the organisation!

Remember! Back in 2018, TAO issued this challenge to its associates: to transform the kilometres we cover into cooperative action. And just like TAO, we love to join you in your adventures, and we invited you, clients, and partners, to take up this challenge with us 

A total distance of ️100,000 km was covered for Petits Mecs P2, an organization that raises both public and professional awareness of the syndrome involving a duplication of the MeCP2 gene. A great joint adventure, just as we like them!

This time, we are asking you to slip on your trainers, and run or walk for Break Poverty 🏃‍♀️

And yes! All the lockdowns we’ve been experiencing for the past year have forced us to work more from home… Unfortunately, we cannot all equally face up to this situation, and some schoolchildren have not been properly equipped for remote learning. Break Poverty is committed to promoting school education by purchasing IT equipment to help disadvantaged children pursue their education during lockdown 🙌😍

In partnership with the KM FOR CHANGE app, the TAO foundation is therefore asking its associates, partners, and Tape à l’œil clients to transform the kilometres they cover into donations for Break Poverty.

Wink: taking care of your health / solidarity: combining utility and pleasure (a good cause in every sense of the word)

And what exactly is our aim?

10 000€ have been donated by the Foundation Tape à l’oeil. Now that’s what we call action! 😉

And now we would like to issue you with a challenge: run with us, for an EXTRA 10 000€! 😵🔥⚡

We can already picture you in your trainers and all your sports gear, ready to give it all you’ve got! Are we right? 🙈 Well before you set off, we will give you a quick guide on how to use the app to ensure that no kilometres you cover are wasted 😉

  1. Head to the store on your smartphone to download the app KM FOR CHANGE :

2. Hey presto! Downloaded in a flash! You’ve done the hardest bit (yes, we can assure you). All you need to do now is create an account in just a few clicks (or log on if you already have an account).
Psssst: if you have a subscription, don’t forget to click on the link you receive via email to validate your account. This activation email is sent out as soon as your account is created

3. Select the organisation you’d like to run for! Just to remind you, the TAO foundation is affiliated with Break Poverty :

4. Now it’s your turn! On your marks… get set…. Go! 1KM = 10 cents donated to the organisation! OK, 10 cents for every kilometre covered. It might not sound like a lot on its own, but if everyone gives it their best, our collective effort will get us where we want to be fast!! 💪💪

5. Finished your session? Share it on Instagram with the #jecourssolidaireavectao : let’s all stay motivated and connected during this challenge! 📱

On your own, in a group, with friends and family, during the week or at the weekend: there’s just one thing left to do… Slip on those trainers 👟

Pssst: KM FOR CHANGE isn’t only in France! Wherever you are, simply follow the same steps we outlined earlier to join in the movement. There’s just one extra step: specify the code @tao when you log on… We can’t wait to see you!

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