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Meet valentin, family lab project manager ‘

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Sep, 20 2017

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Valentin, tell us about your job at TAO?

« My job is to manage and run the Family Lab on a daily basis. This is a panel of testing mothers recruited every three months to exclusively try out, wash and test TAO products.

After these tests, I send them a detailed questionnaire so to have their opinions on the cut, quality, style and value for money of the product. One of my main missions is therefore to break down this information and pass the results onto to the departments concerned (quality, modelling, style).

At the same time, I organise co-creation workshops with our clients for the year’s highlights. At this time, you can also discover the Festivities collection, co-created with our Family Lap clients.


Why did you choose to work here?

« I have always been passionate about fashion and I have carried out my previous experiences in ready-to-wear clothing, so I wanted to continue in this sector. TAO is a pioneer with its community and listening to its customers, so I wanted to be a player in this brand development. As well as this, TAO is a young and dynamic company with a start-up spirit and open to all suggestions. »


If you had to describe TAO in three words, what would they be?

“Avant-garde, fashion and playful”


For all the Original Kids out there who are reading this and dream of doing what you do, can you tell us the qualities needed to do this job?

« Above all, I think you need to know how to listen to the client, to understand them and to be able to hear their feedback in order to keep improving. It also requires a great sense of organisation to successfully mix with the various services on the projects. And finally, and above all, having a great passion for fashion, to be able to follow the latest trends. As Sarah says: « We feel closer to the brand, to  You « also through this co-creation project. « 


What is your topic of the moment?

« Co-creation of the 2017 Back-to-school collection. This is a new challenge for the brand because the passion for co-creation is increasingly strong from the Family Lab clients. We have already worked on the clients’ desires and inspirations thanks to a questionnaire and collaborative Pinterest boards. Following this, we work on the boards through workshops back at headquarters with the clients. The next step, making prototypes with moms and possibly dads, but I can’t tell you anything more 😉 »

Original Kids … Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

« I do not have an anecdote in particular but I like to discover in each panel the kids who play along of as small models in the pictures. Their smile says a lot about their perception of the clothes because we also take the kids’ opinions into account. The returns from the mothers after their adventures at the Family Lab and the co-creation workshops are also very enriching:

Madeleine: « You not only bring colour to children’s lives, but also our own. « 

Anne-Sophie: « It has been a very enjoyable and enriching experience for me. In the meantime, it is my husband who is happy because I could only say three : TAPE A L’OEIL 😉 »


Your wardrobe must be full of trendy pieces. Can you reveal what essentials you have in your wardrobe?

« In winter, I’m always wearing my perfecto and I love my big woolly sweaters with patterns. »


What are you passionate about?

“Music! I am addicted to concerts and I’m a pianist in my spare time, for 15 years now. « 



What is your proverb that guides you  in your everyday life?

« Believe in your plans, work hard and your dreams will become a reality! 🙂 »


Thank you Valentin, we know a little more about your daily life. A closing comment?

« I look forward to seeing you in the Family Lab, we still have lots of great projects and surprises in store! »

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