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New brands join Tape à l’Œil

With our #BoostTalent mission, we’re always trying to develop people’s skills so we can shape the future together. As part of this, we’ve decided to bring in some selected partner brands to give you more choice when stocking up on fashion for ages 0 to 16 with us.

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May, 14 2020

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What do you mean, new brands on TAO?? What are they? Are they well-known? New? Small? Big? We’re about to tell you everything you need to know!

These are leading, emerging and innovative brands on the children’s market that align with our values and have won us over with their expertise, eco-friendly approaches and products.

We think their designs will be exactly what you’re looking for: more responsible fashion with high-quality products that are still affordable. We’re proud to have them on our website and hope you’ll like them just as much as we do.

Some brands you’ll know already: we were keen to have them on board. Other brands may be new to you, and are well worth exploring. Without further ado, here are the brands!

We’ve partnered with two types of brands


We appreciate that they look after the environment and have great products.


We just love Ki ET LA®, who make sunglasses for kids who are always on the go! Kids and parents alike will love these cool and carefully designed glasses this summer. The unbreakable, extra-light frames are a real bonus for little daredevils. The Category 4 lenses for babies and Category 3 lenses for older kids (polarised from age 4) protect young eyes no matter where you are: in town, at the seaside or in the mountains. With bright colours and zig-zag patterns available, little ones can express their own unique style!

Tape à l’Œil loves: this stylish pair with technical features to keep your kids looking good and protected all summer long.


Avril® is a cosmetics brand certified as organic by the independent bodies Ecocert and Qualité France. They have a range of high-quality but affordable products that are made in France and Italy from natural ingredients.

Tape à l’Œil loves: the Avril Baby® range of products selected to meet your children’s needs.


Minus® was founded to create opportunities for children and adults to be together. They have fun and clever games and books that you can take anywhere: have a great time learning, chatting and playing with Minus! The paper comes from FSC-certified forests, the ink is vegetable-based and the products are printed with love in France.

Tape à l’Œil loves: the eco-friendly products with a quirky sense of fun that fit in perfectly with our « crazy and sophisticated » style.


Mellipou® is a comforter and accessory brand for babies unlike any other. Say goodbye to conventional music boxes for getting baby to sleep…and hello to new kinds of lullaby from Game of Thrones® and Stevie Wonder! Everything is made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric designed and made in France!

Tape à l’Œil loves: this is an eco-friendly brand that’s made in France and spices up a child’s environment.


La Vie est Belt® is a brand selling accessories made by the disabled in France from recycled materials. They reuse scraps of fabric, tyres and fire hoses to give a second lease of life to materials that would otherwise have ended up in the bin!

Tape à l’Œil loves: this is a creative and optimistic project proving that we can make the world a better place by reducing social exclusion and upcycling materials.


STOP! MICRO WASTE® is a charity set up by a group of surfers who love nature. To combat water pollution, they created the Guppyfriend®. This is a bag for the washing machine that catches clothes fibres loosened by the cycle to stop them going into rivers and oceans. It also protects clothes by stopping them rubbing or bobbling.

Tape à l’Œil loves: using the Guppyfriend® protects the planet and makes clothes last longer. It’s a step towards a more responsible consumer approach.


Gifts for Change is a business that gives everyone the chance to get involved with a cause dear to them by buying eco-friendly products. They call this Engagement Par l’Objet® [Items for Engagement]. Their Animals to Wear bracelets are made of beech wood (from sustainably managed French forests) and the strap is made of linen (European and woven in France). They’re produced in France by the disabled. For each bracelet bought, 1 euro goes to protecting endangered species.

Tape à l’Œil loves: these are eco-friendly bracelets made in France that help save the animals.


Ma Cabane à Rêves® is a French brand with a new take on magnets, seeing them as « a timeless toy your kids will no longer be able to ignore! » The magnets come in different coloured designs and are flexible, stackable, washable, 100% made in France and recyclable!

Children can put them together in endless combinations to tell stories and develop their creativity. The brand’s five aims are « Play, Create, Decorate, Share and Learn ». At Ma Cabane à Rêves®, imagination knows no bounds! With the new Magnetic Board collection, children can put magnets alongside drawings and writing.

Tape à l’Œil loves: this is an eco-friendly brand with products made in France that gives children a creative and quiet activity to share with the family.



We love these brands’ expertise, technology and products.


Geox®, tagline « shoes that breathe », are a world leader in the casual shoe market. Their patented sole waterproofing and « breathability » make them an innovative brand and Geox® shoes keep you comfortable all day long.

Tape à l’Œil loves: Geox are shoe experts and their styles are durable, high-tech and unique!


Created over 65 years ago in France, Damart® is a brand known for the quality of its products made of Thermolactyl®: a now-famous fibre that provides a heat boost. This innovative technology has become a must.

Tape à l’Œil loves: the brand has high-tech products known for being high-quality and comfortable, and worn under clothes to keep warm or feel cosy at home.

Keep in touch because we’ll be joined by other selected brands very, very soon and a little bird tells us you’re going to love them!! This is just a teaser 🤫😉

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