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Aug, 30 2019

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And yes! Here at TAO, we care that you look great when working out! But that’s not all. We want you to feel comfortable too! As you know, to be on their best game, all athletes and sportspeople need to feel comfortable, to be dressed in outfits that maximise their potential to achieve their targets, to surpass themselves! 💪 And this is where you can count on us and our help!

To highlight and showcase its sporty #ORIGINALKIDS, TAO has therefore concentrated on three sports: football⚽, swimming 🏊‍♀️ and gymnastics!🤸‍♀️The result: a capsule collection offering a combination of fashion, technology and comfort all at the same time, and at low prices! What more could you ask for? 🤷‍♂️

We asked our talented little athletes to test out our new items especially for the occasion! And before you know it, a whole little collection!

Get in a few lengths, or allow yourself a little sunbathing session by the water? Why choose? Lilie opted to do both thanks to our twin-purpose one-piece swimsuit: performance and relaxation combined! 😎

As for Rosalie, she preferred combining the two in one activity!  Way to give your abs a workout whilst enjoying the sun! ☀️

To see our girls’ swimming gear, click this way!

Patterned swimsuits✌️

Swim caps ✌️

 Swimming pool goggles✌️

It’s back to the changing room for Hugo after a heavy training session! A well-deserved champion’s rest! 🏆

For our boys, it’s here!

Patterned swim shorts👌

Swim caps👌

Time to change disciipline and head over to the pitches! Shirt, shorts and boots by TAO and a bullet-like shot, a winning double for Enzo! ✌️

That’s because these have the characteristic of being mixed-use – same outfit for Océane, who’s assiduously practising her dribbling skills! 👌

TAO has thought of everything with this little shirt to wear to keep warm in both before and after training!That’s right, isn’t it Diego? 😉

Anyone in your house mad about football? Yes? Then click this way!

The football shirt with FAST DRY technology! 🤙

Matching shorts and socks! 🤙

The zipped jacket for the finishing touch after training! 🤙

Great swerve! We’re leaving the world of football behind to join that of gymnastics! If you had any doubts about the elasticity of our leggings, Jasmine has taken on the task of dispelling them for you! 😜

For Marylou, after effort and exertion… 🥵

… come soothing comfort and meditation! A healthy mind in a healthy body! ☯️

Which of our gym outfits do you love?👍

Do you prefer a body? 👍

Or rather a T-shirt and graphic pattern Leggings?👍

And to stay nice and warm after exercise, the hooded sweatshirt! 👍

To see our entire sport-focused capsule collection, visit our stores or go to our online shop:


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