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New for spring: a goody bag of surprises at a fantastic price!

SURPRISE…SURPRISE! Here at Tape à l’œil we love surprises, and we’re pretty sure you do too. So we had an idea: what about a BIG surprise at a LOW price?

Posted by Hélène de TAO

May, 04 2021

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What’s it all about?

It’s really quite simple: every goody bag is sure to put a big smile on a little face! It’s a bit like Christmas, when you never know quite what you’re going to get! ✨

We know, we know, you’re curious now, and you want to know exactly what’s in the bag.

It’s simple, each one is different (that’s what makes it a surprise😉), put together by hand and contains between 4 and 6 accessories. There might be jewellery (such as a ring or bracelet) or hair accessories (a barrette, scrunchie, bobble or clip) that have been waiting patiently in our warehouse waiting for the right kid to come along.


Environmentally friendly goody bag

 And the cherry on the cake (or should we say the accessory that finishes off the outfit 🤓) is that the bag itself is a lovely gift, because it’s made of seeded paper!

“What’s that?🧐 » 👉🏻 we hear you ask? It’s paper full of lots and lots of little seeds!

This means you don’t throw the bag away, instead you plant it in a little bit of soil, water it regualrly, and a few weeks later… TA-DA! Beautiful flowers!🌺 🌼🌷

Not only does this mean the packaging gets a new lease of life, it also helps teach children about sustainability and the environment.


How do I plant the bag?

Here are some very simple instructions that will help you grow beautiful flowers even if you’re not at all green-fingered 😉

Step 1: Soak the paper in water overnight

Step 2: Bury the damp paper in a pot of soil

Step 3: Water regularly

Step 4: Wait a little while for the pretty flowers to come out

The first shoots should appear after one to two weeks!


We also have a short video tutorial for you to watch 😉

We hope you’ll agree that this is the BEST gift for children, and a way to keep both them and the planet happy! 🌍

Find it here

Enjoy a spring full of surprises and flowers!

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