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Jun, 30 2020

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Jumps, falls, stunts and outdoor activities put our kids’ jeans through the mill! What parent hasn’t dreamed of having jeans in their child’s wardrobe that last more than a few months without ending up with holes in?

At Tape à l’œil, we wanted to fix this. We wanted to ensure our products’ sustainability (Yep, the environment had a part to play in our considerations! Producing a single pair of jeans requires 10,000 litres of water!), but we also care about comfort and the price to quality ratio for our customers, so lots of reasons incited us to come up with these super durable jeans that will accompany your kid as long as possible in their intrepid adventures.

But realistically speaking, what is behind this super denim? We’ll explain everything! These jeans are made using a technical fabric developed using a Cordura ®  base, fabrics that are recognised for their wear, tear and scuff resistance. Perfect for your kid to wear on days full of action!

Once we’d developed the product, now all that was left was to test it! And who could be better placed than the members of the Family Lab to trial it?

We therefore asked 15 parents, whose kids were known for being mini daredevils, to get involved! If you’ve got to test this super denim, you may as well test it thoroughly.

Jade, Romane, Théo and Ezio were some of the children who took on the challenge of putting these jeans to the test to check that they were indeed super durable… We saw the verdict in pictures and accounts!

“Went on the swing and fell off the scooter this afternoon, but the jeans didn’t budge and looked just the same as when we got them🙏 Really happy! The shape is also perfect for my daughter’s slim legs, so we love them!”

Mélissa, mother of Astrid – 5-year-old intrepid adventurer

“We’re putting these jeans through the wringer too, and I have to report that they’ve stood up, not even anything giving at the knees!”

Léna, mother of Nayan – mini daredevil who is 5 years old.

“What could be better than infinitely lasting jeans for my little harum-scarum? Stretchy, rugged, practical jeans that enabled him run, jump, gallop, fall over with his hoofs in the air (yes, I know, when you’ve got horses, it’s easy to come up with this stuff 😂😂😂) and even day dream lying in the grass (and it’s magic how the grass stains disappear!)”

Léna, mother of Nayan – our 5-year-old mini daredevil.

Super denim has no more secrets for you then, it’s comfy, easy to wash, and super durable… The Family Lab tested it first, just for you, and good news, it has been thoroughly approved!

If you want to get your own, just go  here for GIRLS and just here for BOYS.

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