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7 birthday surprises for your child

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Aug, 25 2020

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It’s the big day and your child has probably been talking about their birthday for weeks to make sure nobody forgets! We’ve made a list of ideas you can use to make their special day everything they’ve dreamed of: the best day eeeever. And you’ll look like the best parents ever too. 😉

  • Make a great breakfast in bed

There’s no better way to start the day than with breakfast in bed. We just love it!

  • Leave them messages everywhere

Arm yourself with Post-it Notes, paper and pretty tape, or even your lipstick, and write them a few words around the house. For example, you could leave them a message everywhere they’ll go before or after school. You’re sure to raise a beautiful smile with an « I love you » written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, or a simple « Happy Birthday » on a Post-it stuck on the fridge. If your child can’t yet read, draw them pretty pictures instead.

  • Give them a day where anything goes

Suggest their birthday can be THEIR day (make sure you set the limits). Let them choose the menu, wear anything they want, watch TV or play video games…basically, they can be king or queen for the day. But do tell them to make the most of it: it will only happen once a year! 🤪

  • Prepare treats for all their friends

If their birthday is a school day, send them in with sweets or cake to hand out to their friends so they can all celebrate together! This is a classic birthday activity, but a great way to delight our little ones on their special day!

  • Organise a treasure hunt

Hide clues around the house that will take them to their birthday present. This is a fun way to find their gift and keep the joy going.

  • Take them to their favourite restaurant

Suggest you go to their favourite eatery and take the opportunity to listen to all their little tales.

  • Give them your time

If they have siblings, suggest you spend a day or afternoon doing things alone with the birthday boy/girl and let them choose an activity. Even just for an hour or two!

Have any other ideas or little traditions you follow for your child’s birthday? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add them to our article.


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