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TAO TALENT ACADEMY: the adventure lived !

Remember a few months ago; we selected 7 talents via our #OriginalKids platform to participate in a unique adventure! The opportunity for us to return to the experience shared by these 7 kids! What if the next one was yours?

Posted by Nicolas de Tape à l'oeil

Jul, 24 2019

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“For our Back-to-School campaign, we’re looking for seven talented kids in the artistic category! Is your kid is a stylist, hairdresser, photographer or videographer in the making? Tell us about their talents on #OriginalKids!”

This is the message we sent to our customers a few months ago on our platform! And many of you responded!

For our Back-to-School campaign, we chose seven talented kids! Seven kids to model clothing from our new collection but, more importantly, seven kids with an artistic flair who could tell us all about it!

In the spirit of school truancy, we created our own artist’s studio in an unusual place: a greenhouse! Some of our talent also had the opportunity to work with a partner: a mentor of sorts. A professional they had an opportunity to confide in, converse with and learn more about the passions they share.

For example, Charlie, the official team makeup artist, took young Emmy under his wing, and  the two formed a top-notch makeup and hair styling duo! Zakaria, a/k/a Zakartouche on YouTube, found Théo, the director of the shoot, to be an inspiring and educational mentor. And Xavier, our ace photographer, teamed up with Romain, the photographer hired for this campaign!

Together, they made their contributions, met kids and adults with the same passions, and formed a more complementary team!

Our four models, a bit younger, also had a lot to say! Ysé, 8 years old, has many hopes and dreams! Fashion designer, photographer, makeup artist, model…and nothing less!😅Tender-hearted Axel, 9 years old, dreams of being a comedian! And if that doesn’t work out, a zoo director! Why not?! Clara, 8 years old, in all her mischief, wants to be a veterinarian, hairdresser and makeup artist. Another one who’ll never be bored! As for 9-year-old Ryan, he’ll either be an actor or a goalkeeper!

During our two days together, we sought to convey expertise, stimulate passions and encourage desires. At times, we were able to confirm (or deny) vocations, while questioning our role as adults in all this.

“I’m going to show you how beautiful backlighting can be.” “I’ve always liked that, but now I like it even more.” “Yes, I like advice from adults, but only useful advice. Unnecessary advice annoys me.” “Talent means that everyone does something well.”

We took the time to listen. To learn. We got knocked around a bit. From all sides.

What about you? Do you know any kids who would have enjoyed this experience? If so, go to t-a-o.com/OriginalKids and tell us about their talents! Who knows, maybe we’ll include them in our next campaign!



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