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TAO TALENT ACADEMY: portraits of our four models !

Ysé, Clara, Axel and Rayan were the four models of our TAO Talent Academy. Check out the portraits of our four #OriginalKids

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Sep, 13 2019

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They were seven in total – seven #OriginalKids ready to live the TAO Talent Academy adventure – and you have already had the opportunity to discover the portraits of our three talents: Emmy, Xavier and Zakaria. But our four models – they have stuff to tell us too! Four kids with their personalities already well established, with multiple talents and dreams which are each crazier than the last! 😅

Ysé, 7 years old, is a young model with a ton of passions. A fan of fashion and photography, this lass from Normandy shows an impressive ease in front of the lens for her young age. Her gaze, at once piercing and determined, could not escape the scouts of Social Business! An enthusiast of Indian dance, a discipline that is considered very technical, her dream is to be able to travel throughout India in the years to come. Her aspirations for the future? Loads! Designing clothes, being a photographer, make up artist, model, no less! In any case, we wish her the best! No doubt her curiosity will open many doors for her! 😎

This little guy with the face of an angel is Axel, 9 years old – and very sensitive. A native of the Baie de Somme, this young theatre enthusiast has a true artistic bent. In 2016 his adventure began when his cute little face was spotted during a walk-in casting by a major French fashion magazine. Excuse us for a moment! As proof that he does not go unnoticed, but that the first time wasn’t enough, it was once again by chance that our little comedian was spotted in our TAO stores by one of our employees! His ultimate goal? To get a role in the movies one day! For now, Axel is playing bit parts and theatre, but we are convinced that one day « he’ll be the one » ;).😉👌

With his proud and assured look and brown mane, Rayan, 9 years old, is a young artistic talent who also has several strings to his bow. Equally comfortable in front of the lens, on the boards or in front of the camera, Rayan is a kid with many passions. Straight out of Belgium, he has two career plans: to become either an actor, or a goalkeeper! Nothing else! In any case, his acting career is already underway, since he is soon to play the role of a visually impaired child in the film « Plein la vue » which will be released soon. A great start!😁

A ball of energy with a naughty frown, Clara, age 7, is our last model talent. This little redhead immediately got along very well with Xavier, our talented photographer, whom she  inspired to the point that he made her his true muse on the shoot! Very natural, Clara is not the type to pose, and is much appreciated by photographers for her unpretentious and spontaneous nature. What does she want to do later? Vet, hairdresser and make-up artist. Yes, all at once! Here again, we were lucky enough to be able to deal with an #OriginalKid who is curious about everything, and not lacking in ambition despite her young age! 😊

Because our models are not just a pretty face, at TAO we make it our mission to showcase the talent and personality of our #OriginalKids. In this lies the concept of the TAO TALENT ACADEMY, whose adventure for our talents can be discovered or re-discovered below:

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ENJOY! 😍✌️

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