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10 unusual inter-generation gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Posted by Domitille de Tape à l'oeil

May, 04 2021

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Of course, by the time you read this, your kids will be cooking up one heck of a present! Hopefully this time they’ll aim a little higher than the batch of cucumber eye masks that seemed to be all you deserved at Christmas. You can’t wait to find out what your present is, and you’re wriggling your toes with excitement, are you? While waiting for the big day, we had fun imagining what extraordinary surprises your kids, whatever their age, could prepare for you… 


and what you could also dream up for your own mum!

3 gift hints to drop to your kids if they are between six and 18 years old.

If we assume that your kids decide to join forces and brainpower to give you a great gift with their own resources, and on top of that they have to surprise you, here’s what they might come up with:

❤️  You get along great with your boss. Is that sarcasm? You’re the only one who knows. Because your kids aren’t old enough to understand workplace dynamics yet. They have other priorities, let’s face it. And at this moment, what matters to them is to offer you a day where you will think only of yourself. How can they do it? They went through your mobile to get the contact details for your boss. And guess what? The rascals called him. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your supervisor, the latter couldn’t resist the honeyed voice of your kid who kindly requested a day off on your behalf. Now you’re sitting pretty.


❤️ Your kids are so nice, they save you a week of dinnertime cooking chores. How? By treating you – with the help of an adult accomplice’s bank account – to home-delivered meals for the whole family including weekends! Lebanese night, Italian night, burger night, sushi night or Thai night… all you have to do is click wherever you want because this week, you are the Queen!


❤️ Just for you, your kids have scanned the galaxy with a magnifying glass (for lack of a telescope), to select from the billions of stars the one that will soon be yours. Wow! « Well, it’s the thought that counts! » you say to yourself… come on, don’t be mean. They also got you a Most Beautiful Star of the Galaxy Certificate for Mum. Some people give trees, others magic stars.


3 gift hints to drop to your kids if they are between 14 and 25 years old.

We know. Sometimes, adolescence hasn’t yet had a taste of the responsibilities that your grown-up child is now supposed to have. But because you are The One who has given them everything regardless of the cost, they have decided for this Mother’s Day 2021 to surprise you like never before!

❤️  They’ve cracked open their Post Office account, sold their clothes on Vinted, traded in their plasma screen, collected Bitcoins and fasted for 7 days to give you this magic envelope. And inside is… THE house of your dreams!

Hang on, you don’t remember them playing the lottery. Read the note that comes with it:

« Dear Mum,

This house overlooking the Mediterranean, nestled between cicadas and olive trees, with no less than four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, a garden without borders and an always-full fridge, is almost for you. Unfortunately, the bank did not grant us the two million we needed to buy this incredible property… but we’ve negotiated it for a weekend! So pack your bikini, Mum! »

You still don’t know if it’s a joke or if you can feel you pinching yourself.


❤️   Your kid’s called Tanguy. And he knows deep down that you would like to see him fly away on giant wings to an elsewhere – that would nonetheless still be close by. In a little corner of your mind, you are secretly thinking about future grandchildren. But while you wait for that day, he chose a Mother’s Day gift full of tenderness and love: a splendid bouquet delivered by the postman every month for a year! You are moved to tears… one thing is certain, your Tanguy knows how to get you emotional.


❤️ Being a geek is child’s play for your big kid or for the one who is still squatting under your roof. So he left an alert on your computer that a bottle of Moët is waiting for you in the fridge. And that a cleaning lady will come by tomorrow from 12 noon to 4 pm. Then the message ends with: « Could you make me your leg of lamb that I adore? Love you Mum. »

You have to admit, it’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?


3 gift hints to drop to your kids if they are between 25 and 99 years old.

At this stage, there’s a good chance that these kids are… you! The bank account is slightly fatter than the generations we’ve just looked at. But purchasing power isn’t everything. You also have to rack your brains and stretch your imagination to come up with an original gift that your mum won’t forget in a hurry!

❤️ Why don’t you send mum to seventh heaven? How? With a parachute jump she’ll never forget. Finally, your wacky imagination also goes into overdrive to offer her a night in a yurt. The chance for her to sleep in an exceptional place.  Last option and the one we at TAO personally love: give her an extreme sensation alongside a racing car driver. And if he could look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, we approve 1000%!


❤️   She has spent her life looking after you (and maybe even your kids). Oh yes, that was an incredible adventure, the best of a lifetime! Except that during those decades, has she forgotten herself a little? What happened to the femme fatale in her? The woman she was BEFORE she became a mum? You had an eye-opener when you saw an old photo of her posing in a bikini. She’s still as beautiful as ever! So, the discovery of the century: a photoshoot! As the session progresses, she will be able to flirt with the lens and imagine herself Sharon Stone or Juliette Binoche. Or she could also simply be HER. A unique, memorable moment tailor-made just for her…


❤️  If, one day, this blessed Covid decides to leave us alone, you may well want to thank her for playing nanny during those many months of lockdown. And how? By chipping in to a kitty to give her a week’s holiday in the Canaries, Greece or Sicily. Watchwords: sea and sun!


What about the zero- to five-year-olds in all this?

Of course, they’re part of it! But these kids are second to none when it comes to surprising us as they make us live a rollercoaster ride every day of the year. So for Mother’s Day, we can count on them. They’ve got more than one trick up their sleeve…


And we’ll slip you one last idea, the one from last year, that won’t make them spend a penny from their piggy banks !

❤️ Imagine… kids who brush their teeth or set the table without you even asking them to, kids who don’t come knocking on the door 10 times when you are relaxing in the bath, kids who put their dirty laundry in the… dirty laundry! Kids who (sort of) look for their stuff themselves without asking you first… can you imagine?  So click here to discover the game of chance that we cooked up for you last year! You’re going to love it!!! (your kids, maybe not so much ;))

The entire Tape à l’oeil team wishes you a day filled with love! Don’t forget to share your amazing gifts with us. 😊


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