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The BIG dreams of our TAOKIDS! 🌈

Posted by Valentine de Tape à l'oeil

Mar, 01 2023

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To see the world from a new angle, you can look at it upside down 🤸♂️, change your glasses 👓 or open up to new perspectives!

For this, we decided to change our point of view 🏔️ and to take our TAOKIDS: Charles, Zoé, Elliot & Emmy for a unique experience in the Alps.

Not a bad spot to pick, right?! 😎

There, our TAOKIDS enjoyed their new surroundings while we did the photo shoot for our new collection 📸 and the best thing was that they got to prove their talent as artists 🎨.

Their mission during this experience was to send the world their message through unique works. Their project was inspired by the work that Arthur Soufflet has been doing for several years.

So we know, some of you are going: « Who the heck is Arthur Soufflet 🥸? » 🦋 We’ll tell you all about it in a minute!

Arthur is a young boy who, at the age of 13, decided to use art to help the homeless in his city. To find out more about his story, please click here 👇

We were very touched by his commitment and wanted to contribute in our own way. We therefore suggested that our TAOKIDS should give Arthur their paintings so that they could be included in his next exhibition and sold to help support his charitable work. They all gave us a big YES.

Our highly motivated TAOKIDS therefore got inspired (helped by a great snack of course) and off they went! They drew everything in pencil and then added a lot of colour 🌈.

Their ideas were all very inspiring: protecting nature & animals, walking or cycling to look after the planet, creating beautiful spaces with flower gardens for everyone to enjoy & showing that everything is essential to nature 🫶🏻

Hats off to the artists!

After this experience, our TAOKIDS were very proud of their paintings and they had an important message to tell us: it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can always say and do things on your level!

Now it’s your turn, or should we say, time to pick up your brushes 😄. Create a unique canvas with your kid and share their great message with us 🖼️

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