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The essentials for a maternity suitcase filled with love and emotion

Going to the maternity peacefully once baby is about to come : it’s a real job ! We guide you step by step …

Posted by Hélène de TAO

May, 03 2021

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Almost there! The final trimester! Your baby will soon be poking their nose out, so it’s time to prepare for their arrival to make sure the departure to the maternity ward goes as smoothly as possible… The preparation of this infamous case may have been a different experience for each Baby Lab mother, but if there’s one thing that brings them together, it’s the emotion and the joy that these preparations bring.

So, ready to discover the essential things you will need to have in your case to take with you when the moment comes? Let’s do it!

For clothes, all Baby Lab mums agree on these essentials:

– Bodysuits (something like 6 to cover the length of time you’ll be in the maternity ward)
– Pyjamas (as with bodysuits, it seems that front opening is best for baby’s first days: maximum practicality and comfort!)
– Cardigans (take 2 or 3)
– Bonnets to keep babies with less hair at birth warm (2 bonnets will be enough)
– Various pairs of socks
– Several sleeping bags (plan and be ready for baby’s regurgitations)
– Small, soft knit bras
– And then, we know how important your child’s first outfit is… so paying special attention to your baby’s very first outfit is very much a common factor for all future parents. This first outfit will be a memory you take with you for life, so choose it with care ❤️

We all try to imagine our baby in this first outfit for mannnnnnny months, so pop it into a separate bag and keep it ready for the birthing room. The reason for this is that when we arrive at the maternity ward, we don’t immediately arrive with our full case, but with a first bag designed for the birthing room. With our belongings and those of baby for the first few hours in this world.

For their own little bag, we advise you to include:

– A body
– Pyjamas for a newborn
– A bonnet
– A blanket
And you can find all these products right here! Whether you already know the sex of your baby, or whether you are waiting for a surprise when they are born, this section of the site is dedicated to your case for the first days and has everything you will need.

Also, if we can offer a little advice: don’t forget to tell dad where to find the famous little baby bag … Even if you repeat it several times, you cannot be sure there won’t be a little lapse in memory when the time comes due to stress or emotion!! 😝

Along with the toiletry bag and accessories for baby’s wellbeing, don’t forget to leave space for the following products in your suitcase:

– Nappies
– Bibs
– Bath capes
– Flannel
– Brush/comb
– A few skincare products (and for that, our recommendation is APO products which you can buy right here! APO is THE young brand of natural cosmetics and zero waste accessories for use by all the family every day.)
– Baby’s snuggly companion, the one that will comfort them throughout their childhood (you will find an adorable selection here) ❤️
– And finally, a small blanket to bundle up baby when you leave the maternity ward. Baby Lab mum Camille even tried and recommends sleeping with this little blanket before the baby arrives, just to permeate the smell of mum and dad on it. I don’t know about you, but we love this neat little idea that will reassure your baby in their first days ❤️

To make your stay in the maternity ward unique and unforgettable, we have compiled a list of the best ideas from our adorable mothers!

– A small folder, envelope, box … that you use to hold a special dad kit!
Go on! The wait can often seem interminable for them too… So, to keep them occupied and spend their time wisely while they wait, we include a few things to keep their attention: scratch cards with the astrological signs of the father, the mother and the baby, little bar of chocolate, a few handkerchiefs to prepare for that special emotional moment, a little love letter… in short, everything you can think of to make this lovely moment unique and unforgettable. (Thank you baby lab for this nice idea!)
– A little notebook: when Claire told us the story of her children’s early days, it melted our hearts. In fact, she can explain this heartwarming idea to you better than anyone … « For each of the children, I wrote something in a little notebook every day. The shops don’t have anything for this, so I just bought simple notebooks. For me it was essential to write it down and take a step back from these emotional moments! The older ones love to read what I have written about the building of our baby / mum relationship. Back then, you think you won’t forget anything, but there are so many memories that fade as they grow older 😍 »
– The essential camera! Apart from your smartphone, why not use a film camera, or Polaroid so you have an unforgettable memory of these first days as a family (in addition to the countless number of photos that your phone gallery will contain, no doubt), and take the opportunity to nourish the little birth notebook that you have filled with paper souvenirs …

So, can you picture it now? Are you ready to pack your maternity case? Whether this is the very first time, or whether you have gone through it several times, filling that case is a unique and emotional moment. This time of preparation is unforgettable and a joy for each mother, each couple and each pregnancy. It is one more step towards the (or one of the) most beautiful moment(s) of your life. So if there were just one more thing we would like to add, it would be: enjoy ❤️

Psssst # 1: at TAO, 50% off on the 2nd newborn product is available all year round! So go to the newborn essentials section and make your choice now 😊

Psssst # 2: a huge thank you to all the mothers who make up this wonderful Baby Lab panel for contributing to this article!

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