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The winter essentials to keep your kid warm 🧣

Posted by Valentine de Tape à l'oeil

Oct, 04 2021

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 It’s starting to get chilly and we’re never exactly sure what clothes to put on!

Too many layers, or not enough, long-sleeved t-shirts you don’t know what to pair with, itchy jumpers, no thank you, we want to keep children warm in a signature style!

Use this guide to see how to dress up nice and warm with style this winter 😎

Let’s start from the beginning: the basic essentials for winter are long-sleeved t-shirts

Indispensable and easy to pair with other clothes, long-sleeve t-shirts are a safe bet for wearing as a base layer under a jumper or jacket!

With patterns and colours in keeping with the season, our long-sleeve t-shirts are all comfortably soft and can be easily paired with a knitted cardigan or worn under a fleece jacket. There’s just one word to describe them: indispensable!

Our lovely long-sleeved t-shirts made from organic cotton 😍

To go with t-shirts: the essential knitted jumper

That’s right! At the first mention of winter, you might decide to get out that itchy knitted cardigan again made by Grandma,

But our own beautifully soft cardigans in various designs are truly irresistible.

Plain or a fancy knitted pattern interspersed with dots and embossments, there is something for everyone, and these cardigans look great in combination with colourful long-sleeved t-shirts ✌

Soft and trendy 😍

A winter without velvet? No way!

As well as the essential knitted cardigan, these velvet trousers are another great classic that will keep kids nice and warm! With all kinds of cuts such as straight-fit, baggy, or flared; and all kinds of top designs such as corduroy, thick or glittery; these trousers will pair well with anything.

With a sweatshirt, jacket or t-shirt, these thick, comfortable trousers will keep your kids’ legs nice and warm and will give their outfits an attractive retro look!

 Vintage! 😍

For even more warmth and comfort: fleece

Stay trendy whatever the season, but also stay warm and comfortable for winter!

With jogging bottoms for an ultra-cool look or with nice straight-fit trousers for a casual style, these fleece sweaters are easily to coordinate with many other clothes and are ideal for boys and girls alike (heh heh!)

And they are guaranteed to keep your children warm all day long!

As soft as you want!

Fleece, Sherpa, or faux fur, what to choose?

Well… All 3!

Soft, comfortable Sherpa jackets that children will love to wear, coats lined with Sherpa or fleece, double validation and guaranteed to keep your children warm and snug!

And why not go for a faux fur jacket? At Tape à l’œil, we obviously looooove  animals, which means all our jackets are made from ultra-soft faux fur! Jackets with detachable hoods and removable false fur will fulfil all your expectations and you will love them!

All nice and snug 😋

And how do you spend the winter without a quilted jacket?

Whether it’s a downy coat or a light jacket, wearing quilted clothes is like being tucked up in bed…

Once it’s on, you won’t want to take it off and it’s super comfortable! We love the embossment design on the cosy clothes, both top and bottom (yes, even our trousers are quilted!)

Warm and snug down jackets, perfect for gusty snowstorms and other adverse winter weather!

It’s like being snuggled up in bed!

And now you know everything about our essential winter clothes!

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