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Tutorial – Got a hole in a pair of jeans? Turn it into a monster!

Part of looking after clothes is thinking about how they can still be used having been damaged, torn or stained. Before recycling a pair of torn jeans, go through our tutorial on how to give them a new lease of life!

Posted by Marion de Tape à l'oeil

Feb, 03 2020

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We know that life is hard for kids’ jeans: they’re carted around everywhere and have to put up with a lot. Yes, those poor jeans that have celebrated the win when being squashed as the wearer threw himself happily onto the floor; climbed trees and occasionally hung off branches; covered miles as the wearer travelled on his hands and knees; and have managed to withstand the effects of him falling off his scooter time and again. Those poor jeans are now torn and it’s time to give them a new lease of life!

This is exactly what Caroline from the « Maison des Makers » shows us: how to repair torn jeans and turn them into « Monster Jeans ». Watch the video:

To follow this great tutorial, you will need:

🧵 some worn jeans

🧵 scissors

🧵 a piece of white felt

🧵 a piece of red felt

🧵 two black buttons

🧵 a needle and thread

🧵 a pin

🧵 liquid glue

Ready? Let’s begin! Just follow the steps!

🧵 STEP 1: Make the hole in your jeans bigger to create a kind of « mouth »🧵

Open up the hole on each side with the scissors to make it nice and big!

🧵 STEP 2: Rub at the cut to make the opening fray 🧵

🧵 STEP 3: Cut a row of teeth out of a piece of felt 🧵

🧵 STEP 4: Turn the jeans inside out 🧵

🧵 STEP 5: Put some glue on the top of the teeth and stick them above the hole in the jeans 🧵

🧵 STEP 6: Put glue all around your piece of red felt and stick it over the teeth to cover the entirety of the hole 🧵


🧵 STEP 7: Turn the jeans the right way out 🧵

You’ll now start to see what your Monster Jeans are going to look like!

🧵 STEP 8: Cut two little circles out of white felt 🧵

🧵 STEP 9: Use the pin, needle and thread to sew on the two little buttons to make eyes 🧵

🧵 STEP 10: Put glue behind the eyes (on the felt) and stick them above the mouth 🧵

Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry and check it’s holding well.

Ta-daaaa!! Your jeans have come back to life! Want to show us your creations? Post your photos on social media with the hashtag #tapealoeil so that we see them!

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