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Same price for sizes 2 to 14 years old. What's this?
Because Tape à l'oeil is an international brand that is attentive to its clients needs, we have decided to harmonise our prices and have one price per item.
Every size is the same price. The price for a 14 year-old size is the same as for a 2 year-old size, it's much simpler!

Why are our prices going down ?

Because we are choosing a single price, the prices of the bigger sizes are going down because the average of the prices is going down.

So for a T-shirt whose price used to be from €3.99 (for sizes 2 to 5 years) to €5.99 (for 14 years old), will now be sold at €3.99 for ALL sizes.

Without changing the quality which you know is the most important thing to us.

The first lower prices are on the 2017 summer collection in certain product categories, for kids and babies.

It's the end of problems when you need to exchange something: if you change a 6 year-old size for an 8 year-old size, there won't be any difference in price!

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