10 ways to immortalise your baby’s first year with you

It’s finally time! After a long, long wait, your little baby is yours to hold and cherish! We know how you feel — you just want to take as many pics of them as you can, and you don’t want to miss a single thing! 😍

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16 avr. 2019

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Want a unique way to commemorate all the wonderful memories you’ve made with your little ray of sunshine? Why not take a look at some of these fun photo ideas!

What’s the catch? Nothing! It’s as simple as taking a picture of them against the same background once a month for a year. After time’s up, you’ll be left with enough material for a memorable montage!

Easy, right? All that you need to do is find the right idea (and the right props). The best part? We’ve got that covered too. Just pick any idea from the list below: there’s plenty here to inspire you! 😇

👶 #1 – Age cards  👶

It’s as straightforward as it sounds: just place a card with your baby’s age by their side (changing it every month, obviously!) All you need for this one is your own set of cards.

👶 #2 – Pizza box👶

For babies (and parents) who love their food, this idea can’t be beat! It’s a tasty way to box up memories of your baby’s very first year with you. Bon appétit! 😋

👶 #3 – Age Balloons 👶

For this one, you should nestle your baby in cosy surroundings. A soft sofa would be ideal, but you can opt for any cocoon-like space in your home. Blow up plenty of balloons and you’re set! Top tip: if you don’t have any numbered balloons to hand, just grab enough normal balloons to do the job.  Inflate as many balloons as your baby’s age each month!

👶 #4 –Blanket background 👶

This one’s perfect if you don’t want to change the photo background every month. It’s effective, and it’s one of the easiest to set up, too. It also makes for a great gift idea, just saying! 😉

👶 #5 –Age T-shirt 👶

Much like the balloon idea from earlier in this list, all you need to do is dress your baby in a trendy t-shirt with their age on the front. Find a background that you can stick with for 12 months — a plush chair or a sofa will do the job nicely!

👶 #6 – A fluffy friend 👶

There’s nothing quite so lovely as seeing your baby grow up, and if you put them against a giant teddy bear (or other animal companion), you’ll be able to look back at just how little they once were!

👶 #7 – Letterboard  👶

Place a letterboard (or even a slate) with your baby’s age next to your little one. It’s that easy (as long as you can keep them still 😀).

👶 #8 –  Delightful DIY backdrops 👶

For the artistic types among you, why not think about designing some cute backdrops around your little tykes? Whether you dig quirky props and trendy threads, or you want to get digital by making something spectacular out of a white backdrop, the only limit is your imagination!

👶 #9 –  Collage book 👶

For this idea, it’s not the photos that are important, but how you present them. Accompany each photo with important dates and events from each month, and make a collage out of it! It’s a great gift for your baby when they’re all grown up!

👶 #10 – Flower Power 👶

Place your little one on a quilt or carpet and write their age next to them in flowers. It’s even better if you use seasonal flowers as the months roll on!

Remember to save your photos digitally each month so that you don’t risk losing them. After you’ve taken all the snaps, you just need to make a montage out of them: don’t worry, there’s an app for that on your smartphone!

Last but not least,  you should make the most of your baby when they’re wee, because taking pics of them gets more and more difficult as they get older! Good luck! 🙂

Check out even more ideas on our dedicated Pinterest board:

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